At 21:24 15-08-01, Sterling Hughes wrote:
>     Ohhhhh - I see! So the "Zend" on the License is really just shorthand for
>     "Zeev and Andi", has nothing to do with Zend Technologies Ltd.  Good
>     to know. ;))

In practice, pretty much, yes.  I don't remember Doron's, Adi's or Daniel's 
last contributions :)

>     As I said -- this may have no basis in practicality -- I think it
>     does to some extent, otherwise you wouldn't hear this many
>     reasonable (but sometimes passionate) people complaining.  Still,
>     taking your assumption that the license and Zend's control of it is
>     meaningless, why not go ahead and change the license today?  If it
>     means nothing, why are you with a license that causes such strife in
>     the PHP community?

A small part in the PHP developer community, mind you.  As I told Stig, it 
is what you make of it - practically, it's nothing.

>   If you'd like, I'll go setup a sourceforge project for
>     the Zend engine today!

I don't want to see the engine as a sourceforge project today, tomorrow, or 
anytime in the future, thank you very much :)

As I said in LinuxTag, the license issue was blown out of proportion 
completely.  It has no practical meaning for any PHP user or 
developer.  Changing the license only means that we will no longer be able 
to re-license the engine to other companies who make commercial use of 
it.  So basically, changing it means a loss of a source of possible income 
for Zend, while giving the PHP community nothing (MySQL AB *lives* from 
that source of income exactly).  Perception wise, it might make the world 
much more rosy.  To be bluntly honest, I seriously doubt it (we're not in a 
bad shape today, plus I have every reason to believe that things won't 
change radically if&when we change the license).  As far as Zend is 
perceived, much like the license issue was a non issue until some made it 
an issue, I fear that once it's gone, there'll be something else to replace 
it.  When you don't like somebody or something, you can find whatever suite 
of 'objective' reasons to back you up.


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