Kristian Koehntopp wrote:
> I send this again, under a proper subject. You might want to use
> a slow Friday afternoon or the weekend to think about this, and
> write something up. Please do, we need your input.

1. Menu driven *nix self-installer:
Would you like me to obtain and build all software needed for
using the following with PHP:
1. MySQL
2. PostgreSQL
3. Oracle (Official installation disks my be needed)
4. Informix
Enter a single database number, or multiple numbers:

2. Db connection pooling support.

3. More documentation available for errors:
'Warning: Wrong number of arguments for foo:
Click *here* to see online documentation on "foo"'

4. Online docs for PEAR contributions.

5. PHP "Dashboard", an online php.ini editor, with GUI-based
control panel of all PHP (and apache?) settings.


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