Ron Chmara wrote:
> Would you like me to obtain and build all software needed for
> using the following with PHP:
> 1. MySQL
> 2. PostgreSQL
> 3. Oracle (Official installation disks my be needed)
> 4. Informix

  IIRC, Derick already built a system like this some kind ago. It
  assumed that once the PEAR infradtructure is ready, most of the
  extensions would be moved from /php4 to /pear. Derick?

> 2. Db connection pooling support.

  This will be addressed by SRM (

> 3. More documentation available for errors:
> 'Warning: Wrong number of arguments for foo:
> Click *here* to see online documentation on "foo"'

  Hartmut already implemented something similar a while ago,
  again, IIRC.

> 4. Online docs for PEAR contributions.

  They're there. At least the infrastructure.

> 5. PHP "Dashboard", an online php.ini editor, with GUI-based
> control panel of all PHP (and apache?) settings.

  What's wrong with the Zend Launchpad? :-)

  Sebastian Bergmann                     Measure Traffic & Usability  

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