ID: 12262
Updated by: sniper
Old Status: Feedback
Status: Open
Bug Type: Reproducible crash
Operating System: Windows 2000 Server, IIS5.0
PHP Version: 4.0.6
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status -> open (nobody commented?)

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[2001-07-22 07:03:33] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Ok - anyone in the know care to comment on whether there 
might be differences between the equivalients of 
msvcrt.dll on NT/W2K?


[2001-07-21 18:58:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Mr. Driscoll

I was loading the 4.0.6 version without extensions, upgrading from 4.0.4 that also did 
not have extensions.  And I did make sure both DLLs checked out and they did, both 
were current to 4.0.6 and error still occurs.

Thank you


[2001-07-20 10:38:43] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Apologies if you've tried this already but...

Load the two copies of php4ts.dll into a text editor 
(notepad wil do) and search for 4.0.6 just to make really 

If you are convinced beyond doubt that there are no old 
php modules (including old extention modules) lying 
around, then (question to Windows developers) is there a 
possibilty that this is something to do with the 
msvcrt.dll - or its W2K equivalent?


[2001-07-20 10:19:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have done this, I used 4.0.5 instead of .6 and it works fine.  PHP4TS.DLL
only exists in 2 places on my server, and both were current to the new PHP,
or else I wouldn't have reported this.


[2001-07-20 07:44:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

sounds like you haven't overwritten an old stale dll.
first stop your webserver, then overwrite everything with the new distribution and 
finally restart your webserver.


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