That's nice -- but.. since the manual states that it is "not" a good idea 
to use
the alias.. I would think the manual should at the very least, indicate 
which is which..

In addition, there is a lot of "duplicates" in the alias list..

To say that it doesn't matter which is which, and then to say "not a good idea"
is sorta silly... After all the whole reason in listing what aliases to 
what, is to let
developers no which functions are now obsolete, while still allowing the 
older functions
in older scripts to operate..

So, in short, It does matter how it's documented.. if function x was 
removed (all together)
and this was documented "backward" or "unclearly" you have a lot scripts 
that just quit
functioning.. and this then falls back on those who maintain the documentation.

As a developer, good clear and more importantly "correct" documentation is 

Now as for chop and rtrim.. the function definition for chop() indicates 
the "exact" opposite

--- according the chop function information "it" is the alias.. while the 
appendix states it's the
master ---

For those who have been authoring PHP for sometime, this is no "big deal".. 
but for the new user
it becomes important that they know the difference..

At 05:28 AM 8/21/01 +0000, you wrote:
>ID: 12868
>Updated by: joey
>Status: Open
>Bug Type: Documentation problem
>Operating System: win32
>PHP Version: 4.0.6
>New Comment:
>I don't understand why it matters which is the 'master'
>and which is the alias? I would guess that the reason for
>the inconsistency in the documentation is that it really
>doesn't matter which is which, so the doc team is not all
>that careful about it. But that's just a guess...this
>wouldn't be all that hard to clear up.
>FWIW, rtrim() is an alias to chop() and fputs() is an alias
>to fwrite().
>Previous Comments:
>[2001-08-21 00:12:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>This is truly a followup to my previous post - message about what appears 
>to be "descrepancies" in Appendix G.. which has further some confusion as 
>to "which" functions are "truly" an alias and which is the "master function"..
>I guess I need to "understand" what the master function is supposed to be, 
>and what an alias is supposed to be.
>Perhaps I have these backwards, and thus the confusion, but
>some of this doesn't quite set right..
>The first function in the list (chop) is labeled as the master function, 
>and it's alias as (rtrim).. but when you go to the master function, (chop) 
>it's documentation indicates it's the alias. and to see rtrim for details.
>There are some functions in this list like - fwrite() and fputs() - where 
>fwrite is labled as the master and fputs the alias.. while the 
>documentaion for both functions do not indicate either as an alias..
>This goes on.. naturally some of these make perfect sense, if you looke at 
>is_double() marked as a master - having aliases of is_float() and 
>is_real().. the documentation corresponds perfectly..
>i.e. if you call up is_float() or is_real() it directs you to 
>is_double().. which brings "some" understanding back.
>and jives with what "I" would preceive as the relationship between a 
>"master function" and an alias.
>Input on this matter would "greatly" be appreciated..
>thanks a bunch.
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