Hello Rasmus and Zeev and all the others:

Back in March, I attempted to get to the bottom
self contained extensions.  I never succeeded at
doing that, but I was able to get embedded extensions
compiled and working.

Unfortunately, I lost a hard drive last week and my PHP development
environment went crash...  No source code lost, just environment.

In trying to rebuild my PHP dev environment, I have come across a sticky
that you guys may be able to help me with.  I cannot remember how I
solved it
last time.

I am still using PHP 4.0.4.pl1 (not 4.0.6).  

After running: /php/ext/EXT_SKEL --extname=addmod, I discover
in the ext/ directory another directory named "addmod".  This 
extension compiles as embedded code into libphp4.so using:

../php/configure --with-mysql --with-apxs --with-addmod

Now, when I want to add code to addmod.c that would call functions
in shared library /lib/libwhat.so, I find the compilation process
generates "definition"
errors for functions that reside with /lib/libwhat.so.

The important question is, what file and where within it do I add a
reference so that the linker can 
resolve the unknown definitions that are inside of /lib/libwhat.so or
any other shared library for that matter.

The syntax you would use to make the unresolved reference go away would
be very help as well.

Inside the addmod directory, there is addmod.c  php_addmod.h, Makefile,
and config.m4.  It is not clear where I add the reference to allow the
linker to know
that unresolved references are in /lib/libm.so or other shared libraries

Any response appreciated.

Mark Diener

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