I recently posted an urgent compilation question to the list
requesting information about linking in external shared libraries
to libphp4.so.

This issue is no longer urgent.

If one modifies the follwing line to /php/Makefile :


The unresolved references would be discovered at link time.

Unfortunately, this is probably not the place for me to instruct the
to find the unresolved references for my specific module, but it gets
the job done.

I guess the m4 macro file config.m4,
but I cannot even begin to decipher the GNU m4 macro script,
so I will just stick to C code.

While I am sure the use of autoconf, automake, and libtool greatly
the building of cross-platform PHP, those tools are just as obfuscate as
any I have
seen.  And reading the GNU documentation is just not productive.

Thanks for anyone who may respond to my earlier questions,

Mark Diener

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