These are two of the most ridiculous statements I have *EVER* heard
anyone make.

Cleaning up a language is a benefit worth paying in price for. How many
millions of lines of C code had to be re-written when the ANSI standard
was published? And I'm not personally sure, but I'd be willing to bet
that the same thing happened once C++ was standardized.

There's 2 *VERY* big examples.

But even if these examples *WEREN'T* there, it makes me question your
intelligence to read this email. Let me try and rephrase, so you can see
how this sounds:

"Look, if no one else out there has had the balls or the brains to
forbid this kind of behavior, it doesn't matter whether it's wrong or
not, we should be good little sheep and follow along."

This is either the stupidest, or the most cowardly email I have read on
php-dev to date....I just can't decide which.

> Inconveniencing your long-time users in the name of language purity
> is, IMHO, just plain stupid.


> And I personally am not sure why the 'get rid of "_"' faction is
> failing to see that doing so would be a language REGRESSION, not
> a step forward.  Please tell me of some examples in other languages
> in which long-time warts with thousands of users have been removed
> in later versions in the name of 'language purity.'  If you can name
> some, cool; I will be less ignorant, and might reconsider my
> position.  Otherwise, d'you think PHP should be *that* kind of
> groundbreaker? :-)
> Look, I think there is no question that removing '_()' is going
> to BREAK some users.  I do not see how anyone can consider that a
> Good Thing.  I suggest that it be left in, and documented
> more clearly, and the documentation updated to say 'the use of
> gettext() is highly recommended and preferred over that of _()'.

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