Quoting Rasmus Lerdorf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> This doesn't mean I agree with the magic _() function, but until we have
> some sort of efficient run-time function aliasing mechanism like they do
> in Python, removing _() and telling people to create a user-space function
> that calls gettext() is not going to make the gettext using people very
> happy with us.
> The way this was solved in Python is that they have a gettext.install
> method which creates the _() function in the builtin namespace.  The
> function is only present once this install method is called on the gettext
> object.  See http://www.python.org/doc/2.1/lib/node187.html

Having some elegant solution like either of the ones outlined above would go a
long way towards making yanking _() out of the gettext module seem reasonable to me.

Zeev: were it being added now, no, I wouldn't argue for it. My argument is based
on it having been there for years and being in heavy use in some people's code.


Charles Hagenbuch, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Some fallen angels have their good reasons.

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