Zeev Suraski [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> At 14:44 09-09-01, Jani Taskinen wrote:
> > If ZE was properly documented, people didn't have to rely on
> > only the sources.
> By the way, your post had absolutely nothing to do with the 
> subject of the discussion.

I think it does; if there were some official docs we could
then publish those guidelines that Andi was talking about,
and wouldn't have such a risk of people abusing the API.

As it is, I'm having to put together a "knowledge-base"
of snippets that I see on php-dev so that I have some kind
of "almost-quick" reference for some of these things so that
I don't have scour the internet, read the source etc. etc.

I'd rather like to see something like this as part of the PHP
docs; as a separate doc tree.

Perhaps the php-doc guys can set up the basics (I don't have
time to become a doc guru) so that we at least have somewhere
to put it, and that might encourage people to write some docs.
Also, whenever a new API comes along (like zend_parse_parameters)
it could be put in there from the start.

The problem is that no one likes writing (or has much time
to write) docs :-)

Well, if the tree was there, and I found myself having to
piece together some reference (like I did with the
zend_parse_parameters email), I'd commit it to the docs.


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