At 08:43 29-10-2002, Gabor Hojtsy wrote:

> The aspect people complaining about is more a version thingie, e.g.
> they try to set up php 4.2.3 with apache 2.0.43 and this could not
> succeed. Is it really necessary to document that apache 2.03x works
> only with php 4.2.x1, php4.2.x2 and apache 2.04x only with php4.2y1
> or php4.2.y2? It should be clearly mentioned, that the support for
> apache2 isn't production stable ;-)

I think, it would be nice to add information to one place, the documentation
about Apache 2 support.

 1. It's not production ready
Ah yes - but that will contradict greatly, to "the best version yet" marketing
trick the Apache Group is advertising on their front page.
We can mention it to users, in the bug db etc. But officially documenting, that
Apache 2 is really a beta product, doesn't really express consistency, between
the "family".

I'm aware that this is not a technical reason not to do this, I'm just pointing
out how this can be perceived.

With kind regards,

Melvyn Sopacua
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