> >  1. It's not production ready
> Ah yes - but that will contradict greatly, to "the best version yet"
> trick the Apache Group is advertising on their front page.
> We can mention it to users, in the bug db etc. But officially documenting,
> Apache 2 is really a beta product, doesn't really express consistency,
> the "family".
> I'm aware that this is not a technical reason not to do this, I'm just
> out how this can be perceived.

As far as I can see, we should not not put into the PHP documentation that
Apache 2 is not production ready, but PHP is not production ready for
Apache 2. This is of course shows us in a negative manner, but we need to
make our users be aware of the fact that PHP should not be used for
production in Apache 2 (as long as this is the case).


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