I do not think that calling it "collector" does serve it right. A collector 
is something that collects and therefore creates a collection. I don't see 
this applying to the LinkCollectionInterface. A collection however is a 
group of object which do not necessarily need to be of the same type.
I would recommend to stay with calling it a collection as that describes 
its purpose pretty well.

-- Marc

On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 7:21:01 PM UTC+2, Andreas Heigl wrote:
> Hi All
> Am Montag, 12. September 2016 23:22:12 UTC+2 schrieb Larry Garfield:
>> On 09/12/2016 09:40 AM, Matthew Weier O'Phinney wrote: 
>> > On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 1:04 AM, Andreas Heigl <and...@heigl.org> 
>> wrote: 
>> >> I have two things I'd like to mention regarding PSR-13: 
>> >> 
>> >> First, for me personally it makes less sense to have a 
>> >> LinkCollectionInterface that doesn't act like I'D expect a Collection 
>> to 
>> >> work. For me a collection is a set of similar items I can then iterate 
>> over. 
>> >> Whether that's a collection of links, headers, or teapots doesn't 
>> matter. So 
>> >> I'd expect an object implementing a CollectionInterface to be iterable 
>> and 
>> >> to already contain the items in question. The current implementation 
>> of the 
>> >> LinkCollectionInterface though looks more like a CollectorInterface. 
>> >> Something that collects linkInterfaces and can return a 
>> >> LinkCollectionInterface. I know it's only a slight difference in 
>> wording, 
>> >> but for me it would make a difference in understanding what happens. 
>> > Thanks for this feedback! Until recently, I didn't typically think of 
>> > collections as requiring iteration, but considering that the 
>> > terminology has definitely been moving in that direction the last few 
>> > years (google for "first-class collection", and you'll see fairly 
>> > consistent definitions!), it may make sense to change the name. I'll 
>> > discuss with Larry today. 
>> Matthew and I brainstormed a bit more.  The only other word we could 
>> come up with that we didn't hate even more than "Collection" was 
>> "Catalog".  Which would then result in: 
>> class Whatever implements LinkCatalogInterface { 
>> } 
>> How do people feel about that?  Is it more/less descriptive than 
>> Collection?  More/less pompous sounding? :-)  A few seconds of Googling 
>> didn't find any existing CS definition of "catalog" that would conflict 
>> with it, FWIW. 
>> We went over the name before and Collection was the best we came up 
>> with.  So I think it's Collection or Catalog at the end of the day. 
> I'm always trying to find analogies in the real word for things I want to 
> name. 
> For me a catalog is a set of things I am able to get from someone 
> providing that catalog. It never contains actual concrete objects only 
> references to them. The only thing they need to have in common is that they 
> can be obtained from the same source. And I'm usually not ordering 
> everything the catalog has to offer, just a small subset. Trying to match 
> that to the Links I'm stumbling very soon. 
> A Collection on the other hand is a set of concrete objects that someone 
> has gathered. And they all have something in common. They are either stamps 
> or teapots or beermats or whatever that someone has gathered. But they are 
> all of the same kind. And the person gathering these items can without 
> problem gather different items. Like a person can collect postcards as well 
> as guitars. Ask that person to show you the postcard-collection (besides 
> from being a happier person) they won't show you a single guitar.
> So taking that analogy to the links, it's possible to have an object 
> containing links as well as headers. It's a Collector of links *and* 
> headers. To know whether you can get links from the object you'll need a 
> way to tell whether that object collects them. That could be a 
> LinkCollectorInterface that defines a method *getLinkCollection*. Know when 
> I have a concrete implementation of an Object I can check whether it's a 
> LinkCollector and if so I know that I can ask for a LinkCollection. And 
> that LinkCollection can be anything from a complex iterable 
> LinkCollectionObject implementing a LinkCollectionInterface to an array of 
> LinkInterface-implementing objects. The main think is that I get something 
> back that contains LinkInterfaces. 
> So I would opt for renaming the LinkCollectionInterface to 
> LinkCollectorInterface and would refrain from calling it a Cataloge.
> But that's just my 0,02€
> Cheers
> Andreas
>> --Larry Garfield 

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