IMHO, looks like we are nowhere with the event manager standard. There are 
a handful of implementations, most very recent. Not aware of any consumers, 
besides my code.

I believe there are many things wrong with that standard. Right now, I'm 
working on a proposal of how it can be changed. Meanwhile, I am maintaining 
the interfaces in dhii/psr-14 <>. 
Currently super tied down with time. So much so, in fact, that I have not 
had any chance to work on the standard, which I am a part of the workgroup 

If any body is interested, here are my suggestions on PSR-14:


   - Add `setParam()`. It is super common that parameters are set one at a 
   time, by name. Right now, they must be set altogether, which is extremely 
   - Add `hasParam()`. This can allow the consumer to determine whether 
   something is indeed set.
   - Document what happens with `getParam()` if the param is not set.
   - Remove `setName()` and `setTarget()`. After an even is created with a 
   particular name and target, nothing should be able to change this. Just 
   imagine that the name is changed after the event has been dispatched. This 
   is nonsensical.
   - (Optional) Remove `setParams()` and `getParams()`. The event should 
   probably allow operations on one parameter at a time, similarly to 
   `ContainerInterface`. Allowing *all* params to be retrieved is not 
   practical, as it would in many cases require the map to be iterable. This 
   is a burden on the implementation. If there needs to be an iterable list of 
   something, it can be passed safely as one of the parameters.
   - (Optional) Remove `getTarget()`. Why does there need to be a target? 
   Or maybe, a more appropriate name for it is "source", as this is the 
   context that the event comes *from*. If it needs to be passed, and is 
   optional, why not just have it be one of the parameters?


   - `trigger()` to accept only `EventInterface`, and not `string`. Why is 
   it the concern of the event manager to normalize strings into events? This 
   will make the logic simpler.
   - Remove `$argv` parameter from `trigger()`. If only `EventInterface` 
   instances can be passed, this becomes redundant. Also, currently it is not 
   documented what to pass in this parameter.
   - (Optional) Remove `$priority` parameter from `attach()`. With events, 
   it is never clear what context this has. Priority as compared to what? How 
   can it be possible to know what the other events' priorities are, so that I 
   can put my event between them? This is a job for a module 
   standard, which I happen to be working on.

@Barney, get in touch if you wanna help make a draft.

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at 11:12:48 PM UTC+2, Barney Hanlon wrote:
> Hello all,
> and in my first post in this group, I thought I might query where we are 
> at with event managers (PSR-14).
> Recently, forgetting to check the FIG site, I hadn't realised there was 
> already work on this and had started work on my own implementation of an 
> Event-based standard, so that all listeners/events/dispatchers/emitters can 
> play nicely. Obviously, far happier to go with an existing trend than try 
> and reinvent a wheel. However, I'm not sure how to contribute in any way as 
> a newbie to the mailing list.
> I was inspired to sign up because I thought it would be good to debate 
> further was the setParam() in the proposal - should events be mutable after 
> instantiation, as part of the spec?
> Hoping to hear back and would love to assist in this proposal.
> --
> Barney

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