"Curt Zirzow" wrote:

> So i would also assume you have called session_start() already. and yes
> global for version >= 4.1.0

Yes, I have session_start at the top of every page, and have run this
against PHP versions 4.12, 4.31 and 4.32.

> <quote>
> If register_globals is disabled, only members of the global associative
> array $_SESSION can be registered as session variables. The restored
> session variables will only be available in the array $_SESSION.
> </quote>
> I can't make heads or tails what that means.

It means that you can't use session_register.  With register_globals off,
you can on directly manipulate the $_SESSION array.

> I've set up something what you describe, it works for me:
> http://zirzow.dyndns.org/php/session.php

Wow, thanks.  The only thing that I'm doing differently is that the function
is part of an included file (via 'require').  Would that change anything?

I've done this before also - never had a problem until now!
Jeff Stillwall

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