"Curt Zirzow" wrote:

> I've set up something what you describe, it works for me:
> http://zirzow.dyndns.org/php/session.php

OK, here's more fuel for the fire.  When passed to this function, $userArray
is 31 elements long.  The initial function I was using (and posted) was only
grabbing 6 of those.  I changed my function to grab all of them:

function setupUserEnv ($userArray) {
        $_SESSION['loggedIn'] = 1;
        foreach($userArray as $key=>$value) {
                echo "Assigning $key = $value<br>";
                $_SESSION[$key] = $value;

Thanks to the echo statements, I see all 31 getting assigned.  However, when
I exit this function, and var_dump($_SESSION), only 6 are assigned!

Wracking        my        brain.....
Jeff Stillwall

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