Scott Fletcher wrote:


    Would anyone care to explain to me about the article on the frontpage of
the website about the IDE or PHP function name code completion?
Never mind about the bug report and browser stuffs...

This feature (called intellisense by Microsoft) is where if you type a function name and the opening parenthesis, a popup appear with the function signature (so you know what arguments to pass it).

Dreamweaver MX 2004 has it, so does Zend IDE and even SciTE (a free text editor for linux and windows environments). Comes in handy when you are trying to remember some esoteric function arguments.

--snip-- New function list auto completion [04-Nov-2003] You can probably name at least one IDE providing support for PHP function name code completion. is just beta testing the same feature on the search page. Try selecting the 'function list' lookup option and start typing in a function name in the search field. You can autocomplete the name with the space key and navigate in the dropdown with the up and down cursor keys. We welcome feedback on this feature at the webmasters email address, but please submit any bugs you find in the bug system classifying them as a " website problem" and providing as much information as possible (OS, Browser version, Javascript errors, etc..).




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