Scott Fletcher <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    on Thursday, November 13, 2003 6:29 AM said:

> Thanks for
> the attachment at the bottom of the email about 'reformatting the
> outlook replies'.  That is great, I'm going to use it.

hahahahahahaha! This is sooo funny (to me) because just last week we
(php-general list) had this big heated debate about top-posting versus
bottom-posting. I mentioned that I've already converted some people
because of the Outlook QuoteFix utility and now I can add you to my
list. :)

> Thanks for
> the info...  One question though, how do you know all about this?

I assume you are referring to the Outlook QuoteFix program...?

> Did you just stumple upon it or is it part of a website somewhere
> that show us of all of the wonderful features and this is just one of
> them?

There was no stumpling involved, but there was a lot of stumbling. ;) I
think I found out about it on another list a long time ago. That's all I

May I suggest you get version 0.80 and not 0.90. I upgraded to .9 a
while ago but came to find out that it doesn't rewrap text nearly as
well as .8 does so I uninstalled .9 and reinstalled .8. Maybe the author
has fixed that bug since I last downloaded but I'm not going to bother
finding out.

Don't like reformatting your Outlook replies? Now there's relief!

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