You can "pass" variables through the session mechanism.

This will require some additional work to get your sessions working
properly, but you probably want to do that anyway at some point.  I have
found the session mechanism to be extremely useful so far, though to this
point it's only been in a development (not production) environment.

PS:  If you want to get really ugly, you can have all your links actually be
javascript functions that submit a form full of hidden elements via POST.
Uglier and more bug-prone than including them in the link URL, but you don't
run into URL length limits and you don't get people quite as easily changing
the values to see what happens.

> Is there any other way of passing variables other than submitting them
> through a form and passing them using a URL? E.G. Currently I am passing
> them though a url which is not the safest means in anyway.

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