This is probably a bit stupid, but I've been having issues getting any of the good FTP servers running on my Ubuntu 6.06 (LTS) box. I've tried Pro-FTP, Pure-FTP, and briefly installed some others, but the versions available for my distro don't seem to support MySQL (or I'm simply doing something wrong).

Anyway, I had the thought that the FTP server won't be used much, as I mainly use SSH, however I need to be able to give other people access, which is why I'm wondering if there are any PHP scripts that can be used AS an FTP server. That is, I'd setup Apache to accept on the standard FTP port(s), and get it to point everything to a PHP script, which I could then use to pull user/pass details each of which would have their own directories, allowing each user to access a sym-link to their domain(s) log file, website directory, and anything else.

Has someone already got a script that does this (at least accepting FTP connections), or is this a crazy idea that's just not possible? Should I just compile the latest version of some FTP server, and try and configure that to do what I want instead?


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