Yeah, I don't want local user access (SSH, their own entries in passwd, etc..). Too much work to ensure they all have the correct file permissions, etc.. I think I'll just skip the PHP bit and use a proper FTP server. I've configured them a few times, but all the examples I found only had Anonymous FTP login, or MySQL (which is what I want), but the server wouldn't work with the MySQL plugin.
Looks like I'll have to compile from source... joy.

Thanks for all the replies though.

Michael Kubler
*G*rey *P*hoenix *P*roductions <>

Thodoris wrote:

The local users part was about ssh-sftp access Ash not ftp.

IMO when you add local users you add extra risks to your system than simple ftp (non-local) users may not cause. Of course if you secure your system carefully everything will work fine but I would avoid that and there are many security issues that here is not the place to discuss.

Of course if this fits your needs I have no objections.

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