On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 18:54 +0200, Thodoris wrote:
> > Hi,
> > This is probably a bit stupid, but I've been having issues getting any 
> > of the good FTP servers running on my Ubuntu 6.06 (LTS) box.
> > I've tried Pro-FTP, Pure-FTP, and briefly installed some others, but 
> > the versions available for my distro don't seem to support MySQL (or 
> > I'm simply doing something wrong).
> AFAIK in most distros the ftp servers come without mysql (or database) 
> authentication support. If this is what is happening in your case you 
> need to compile the ftp server from source adding a configuration time 
> option to enable the database support.
> >
> > Anyway, I had the thought that the FTP server won't be used much, as I 
> > mainly use SSH, however I need to be able to give other people access, 
> > which is why I'm wondering if there are any PHP scripts that can be 
> > used AS an FTP server. That is, I'd setup Apache to accept on the 
> > standard FTP port(s), and get it to point everything to a PHP script, 
> > which I could then use to pull user/pass details each of which would 
> > have their own directories, allowing each user to access a sym-link to 
> > their domain(s) log file, website directory, and anything else.
> In case you have ssh enabled you may use the sftp subsystem that openssh 
> supports if it fits your needs. It's more secure than plain ftp but you 
> still have to add local user accounts which is a bad idea imo.
> You may use PHP to upload files using the http (and not the ftp) 
> protocol by making a project that authenticates the user provides him 
> the ability to upload, delete and download files using forms.
> There has to be something already written that implements such a 
> procedure in case you don't want to code this by yourself. You may 
> google to find whatever fits your needs.
> >
> > Has someone already got a script that does this (at least accepting 
> > FTP connections), or is this a crazy idea that's just not possible?
> > Should I just compile the latest version of some FTP server, and try 
> > and configure that to do what I want instead?
> I suggest that since you need ftp access it would be much better if you 
> could configure an ftp server instead of writing something on your own.
> The vsftp daemon is a good solution to your problem written including 
> advanced security features but I don't know  if it supports mysql 
> authentication. On the other hand pro-ftpd does support modular 
> authentication (mysql, ldap etc) if you compile the proper module.
> >
> > Thanks.
> -- 
> Thodoris
I used vsftp for several FTP systems at work, and bar a few problems
(errors on my part!) they work just fine. I've even got PHP talking to
various Bash scripts to manage users and permissions for the FTP, and,
touch wood, everything works well.

I wouldn't really agree that allowing local users to FTP in is a bad
idea. I'm using just that method for my systems. The users, etc are only
ever created through a web interface, which forces certain rules on
usernames, which as far as I see it, is the only problem. As long as the
vsftpd.conf file is configured correctly and securely, the whole thing
will remain pretty tight.


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