What's so funny? Assembly is just a framework for microcode.


So, what is the level that actually polarizes the sectors on the hard drive?

Anything more abstract then that is then an API right?

I guess it abstracts a level but I can hardly say that microcode is actually a programming language and assembly as well. Since API is a Programming Interface it was to do with a programming language.

So I have the feeling that the discretion is made on what it actually is a programming language.

On the other hand the framework is usually use to describe an abstraction of the same language. That is why I don't feel right saying that PHP is actually a C framework. But probably I feel right saying Zend is a PHP framework.

My problem I guess is not the abstraction itself which happens to exist in all software and hardware technology but what you abstract each time and what term you choose to use.

An example that comes in mind is about networks. You can say that the http protocol is a framework of underlying tcp protocol although it is comes as an abstraction.


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