Robert Cummings schreef:
> On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 11:48 -0800, Michael A. Peters wrote:
>> Robert Cummings wrote:
>>> I think what you all are missing is that physics is just a framework for
>>> reality.
>> I think you are missing that reality is just a construct of strawberry 
>> fields forever.
> Carl Sagan once said something like "to make an apple pie you must first
> invent the universe". It follows that the invention of reality must come
> before the strawberry :)

it doesn't if you are the strawberry. because from that point of view the
strawberry would be the "I", as in the inventor of the universe,
ergo the strawberry comes before in that case.

obviously this is subjective, but then given that reality implies total
objectivity and that we can't surmount our own subjectivity we're stuck with
the fact that we cannot prove either way whether the strawberry is self-aware
(i.e. it might be or it might not be).

additionally, given that the subjective "I"/inventor/ego is required in order
to invent the universe (aka 'reality' according to Rob) leaves a few questions, 
where/what is the inventor? is 'reality' actually real or merely a subjective 
and what are ramifications for the apple pie?

if the inventor is part of (contained within) the universe in which he/she/it
makes the apple pie then how does that work? did the inventor invent 
and if he/she/it is not contained within why does the apple pie require
such a container?

am I boring anyone yet?

this list is a framework for utter non-sense.

> Cheers,
> Rob.

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