You're looking for something like:

This gets called 10 times from another function, but this is sort of what you're looking for. This gives me a combo-box.

function qselect($mysql_link, $i)
$driverquery = "select car_no, drv_name from cars order by car_no + 0";
     $driverresult = mysql_query($driverquery, $mysql_link);
     print("    <select name='pick$i'>\n");
     while ($driverrows = mysql_fetch_array($driverresult))
print(" <option value = '$driverrows[0]'>$driverrows[1]</option>\n");
     print("   </select>\n");


Afan Pasalic wrote:

PJ wrote:
I think this is a tough one... and way above my head:
Having a bit of a rough time figuring out how to formulate php-mysql to insert data into fields using a multiple dropdown box in a form.

to post I am using the following:
$categoriesIN    = $_POST["categoriesIN"];


<select name="$categoriesIN[]" multiple="multiple">
    <OPTION>Choose Categories...</option>
        <OPTION VALUE="<? echo $categoriesIN; ?>">1
        <OPTION VALUE="<? echo $categoriesIN; ?>">2
        <OPTION VALUE="<? echo $categoriesIN; ?>">3
        <OPTION VALUE="<? echo $categoriesIN; ?>">4
        <OPTION VALUE="<? echo $categoriesIN; ?>">5

$sql4 = "FOR ( $ii = 0 ; $ii < count($categoriesIN) ; $ii++ )
INSERT INTO temp (example) $categoriesIN[$ii]" ; $result4 = mysql_query($sql4, $db); ...snip

this does not work! The other posts work like a charm... but this...

I cannot figure out what I should be entering where... I have tried several different configurations, but nothing seems to work...

I found this as a model for entering the selections but can't figure out how to modify it for my needs:

<select name="branch_no[]" multiple="multiple" size="5">
<option > Choose your location(s) </option>
<option value="3100">3100</option>
<option value="3105">3105</option>
<option value="3503"> 3503</option>
<option value="3504"> 3504</option>

What I would like to do is something like the following:
<select name="$categoriesIN[]" multiple="multiple">
    <OPTION>Choose Categories...</option>
        <OPTION VALUE="1">History
        <OPTION VALUE="2">Temples
        <OPTION VALUE="2">Pharaohs and Queens
        <OPTION VALUE="4">Cleopatra
        <OPTION VALUE="4">Mummies
and going further, I would like to be able to use a table that actually holds these values to feed them to the code above. I am sure this is possible but it must take some huge knowledge and experience to do it.

BUT ...
as I look at things, I am wondering if the FOR statement in the above should be used to do several INSERTs, that is, one $sql(number) per selected category... now, would that require many $sqls or many INSERTs within the $sql ?

first, I think, $categoriesIN is string, but in the form you made it as an array $categoriesIN[]. I think you have to "modify it a little bit, something like {$categoriesIN}.'[]'

second, I think the php part "FOR ( $ii = 0 ; $ii < count($categoriesIN) ; $ii++ )" can't be part of the mysql statement, it should be "outside" the statement

FOR ( $ii = 0 ; $ii < count($categoriesIN) ; $ii++ )
$sql4 = "INSERT INTO temp (example) $categoriesIN[$ii]" ; $result4 = mysql_query($sql4, $db); }


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