Bob McConnell wrote:
> From: PJ
>> Here's my test page and, so far, nothing works...
> Please expound on "nothing works...". What do you see in the browser?
> What do you see in the server logs?
>> <?
> I strongly recommend changing all of these to <?php per the XHTML specs.
> That will reduce the ambiguity and possibly prevent errors like the next
> one.
>> <select name="<?echo $categoriesIN?>.'[]'" multiple="multiple"
> size="5">
> You at least need a space between <? and echo, otherwise the server is
> trying to parse "<?echo" as a single token, and that is probably
> undefined.
> Bob McConnell

And I'm sure you don't want: name="<?echo $categoriesIN?>.'[]'"

Maybe: name="categoriesIN[]"


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