Jim Lucas wrote:
jim white wrote:
Jim Lucas wrote:
jim white wrote:
I have tried to install phpDocumentor, but am having problems getting it
to run. Finding install directions has so far eluded me. Are there any
installation instructions for this?

Jim White

searching google for install phpDocumentor

first result is this


Is this what you are looking for?

No, I already found that. I have installed it according to the
instructions. PEAR didn't work at all, and install using tar file only
partly works.

When you say PEAR didn't work.  What exactly do you mean.  If you received an 
error, what was it?

What exactly "only partly worked" with the tar installer?

It seems part of my problem, at least with the tar install, was not setting my directory permissions so it could write the files. PEAR I will skip since I almost have it working using the tar file. I have tried creating docs with HTML:Smarty:default which works, but for HTML:frames:default at the file level I get *Parse error*: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING.

Also, if I want to download the other formats, where do you install them?


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