From: Lewis Wright
> Turn on notices and maybe even strict messages (in your development
> environment), and PHP should warn you of any deprecated code.

Easier said than done. I don't have an IDE available. I have tried the
Komodo editor and am now playing with Eclipse/PDT, but neither of those
comes with a local interpreter.

My workstation is Win-XPPro and the development/test server is Apache
2.0.55 running on a RHEL 5 VM in an ESX server farm. Each project gets a
set of virtual domains and matching directories. There is also a unique
base directory for each code release, so I don't even know if I can
figure out how to map a debugger into that environment.

Currently I use WinSCP to copy files to my home directory and log in
with Putty to move them to the target directory. But it is running PHP
5.2.3, which I don't think will tell me much about the newer releases.

I have asked, but we don't have a process in place to update that.
Sometime in the _near_ future I have to investigate whether there are
security fixes since then that we should get.

Bob McConnell

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