On Tue, 2009-02-24 at 08:51 -0500, Bob McConnell wrote:
> From: Jim Lucas
> > 
> > I may be wrong, but I heard short tags were going the
> >  way of the Dodo bird as of PHP6.
> This is not surprising. With the advent of XHTML, the short tag option
> collides with another valid tag, "<?xml". So that option has to be
> turned off as soon as you need any XML in your pages. I'm in the process
> of correcting that in more than 150 files in one project alone. There
> are two other bigger projects that require the same treatment. All three
> also make extensive use of magic quotes and register_globals, which are
> likewise becoming extinct.
> Which reminds me, where can I get a definitive list of all deprecated
> features? In addition to identifying each feature, it should indicate
> which release marked them deprecated, and which release will no longer
> support them, if known.
> Bob McConnell
php.net is the best place to find details on what is deprecated, but
afaik, it doesn't offer this in list form, but on each man page for a
function, etc. you could download the offline documentation and do a
search within all the files for the word 'deprecated'. ugly, but the
best way i know of.


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