Apparently I can't set the value for expect.timeout to any values other than 0 (the default is 10). Can someone try the following script and see if you see the same problem as me? My php is 5.1.6, php-expect is 0.2.4, the platform is a Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3

Test method:

1. Drop the following script onto your php server machine (use a different ini_set() line in each successive test).

2. Use a browser to execute the script and see what phpinfo() would return the value for expect.timeout (and expect.logfile)

    // ini_set("expect.timeout", "0"); // This worked
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", 0); // This worked
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", 1); // No effect
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", 5); // No effect
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", "5"); // No effect
    ini_set("expect.timeout", "50"); // No effect

    ini_set("expect.logfile", "/tmp/tmp"); // This worked




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