Dear friends,

I am still hoping to get an answer to this question (see below). Kindly please see if you can run the test on your site.

Any insight is very much welcome!


Clement Yui-Wah Lee wrote:

Apparently I can't set the value for expect.timeout to any values other than 0 (the default is 10). Can someone try the following script and see if you see the same problem as me? My php is 5.1.6, php-expect is 0.2.4, the platform is a Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.3

Test method:

1. Drop the following script onto your php server machine (use a different ini_set() line in each successive test).

2. Use a browser to execute the script and see what phpinfo() would return the value for expect.timeout (and expect.logfile)

    // ini_set("expect.timeout", "0"); // This worked
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", 0); // This worked
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", 1); // No effect
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", 5); // No effect
    // ini_set("expect.timeout", "5"); // No effect
    ini_set("expect.timeout", "50"); // No effect

    ini_set("expect.logfile", "/tmp/tmp"); // This worked




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