At 2:20 PM +0400 3/1/09, Gevorg Harutyunyan wrote:
Hi guys

I need to create file upload progress bar using PHP and AJAX. I found two
Pecl extensions that support that may be used: "uploadprogress" and
I asked my shared hosting provider to add that extensions, but my request
was declined, because "uploadprogress" is still BETA version and "php-apc"
dont works
fine with Fast-CGI version of PHP.

Had you similar problem or do you know how else can I track upload progress?


I'm sure this isn't the answer you want, but I went that route several times and never found a better solution than this:

Throw up a "wait" graphic and allow the process to take it's course without intervention.

If you want to programmatically determine over time how much of the file has been uploaded and update a progress bar, then you're in for quite the learning experience.



PS: After everything is said and done, you may steal any of the graphics I provide above -- I stole them fair and square myself. Number 39 is not a wait graphic, it just assumed me.


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