At 4:17 PM +0200 3/1/09, Nitsan Bin-Nun wrote:
There is no need to go that far, try to google a bit about swfupload.

In short, this is a flash & javascript component that give's you the ability to maintain the upload, get the current speed, get the current amount of uploaded data, etc. It is very simple and works like a charm on a dedi server. There are some issues on shared server sometimes, but even these things are not that much complicated and can be easily solved.



Oh yeah, try this:

and go through the "up" link -- and then try the "See it in action!" link and also try the "Demonstration" link. You can even use the link, which will provide you with this:

All of which is well worth the effort if you're trying to waste your time. If their code is as good as their web site, no thanks -- I'll pass.

But if I was to seriously investigate it, I would go directly to Google:

However, I haven't a clue as to if it works or not.




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