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Gears will allow you to do a lot of things. So will site-proprietary Firefox 
extensions that go well outside the realm of basic client-server interaction 
via webpages. I was under the impression that Gears requires a local 
installation of their client library in order to work.

I don't think "download this new extension so you can upload files to our site" 
is going to go over so well.

Of course not, but

a) browsers don't have it built-in, yet (I was working on trying to
make a "standard" that I could pitch to browser creators)
b) how do you think the flash or java applets got there anyway? :)

Have a standard upload form. Tell people if they want more advanced
multi-file support, progress support, etc, etc, install Gears as well.

To me, Gears should be something just like Flash and Java... and I
think is lighter-weight and allows for extending browser capabilities
across nearly every platform without learning new languages.

I don't like to install firefox extensions, I keep them to a bare minimum (more stable that way, less annoyances from updates to some extension or another being found ever session, etc) and I don't like sites that depend upon flash and java for functionality.

I won't install an extension just to use a specific site, I only install an extension if it is something I want (IE noscript - to keep your annoying flash from using my browsers resources).

You can do a good multi-file upload progress bar w/ the client only needing to allow JavaScript. In the OP's case that may mean the OP has to change hosts or use perl to process the upload, but here's the thing - if the client doesn't allow JavaScript, the upload still works fine - they just don't get a progress bar. You can use the same form - just use <noscript>foo</noscript> to tell users to be patient and not hit submit 20 zillion times.

With a flash / java based solution, you have to have different code for users who wisely do not allow flash and/or java, which is more work for you (you have to test and maintain multiple uploads) and requires the user to take specific action depending upon their setup.

// steps off soap box

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