On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 3:29 PM, Ashley Sheridan
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> There are a lot of free FTP Java applets out there, which you could
> easily integrate with a web page and your hosting. You'll have the
> advantage of a familiar interface, multiple uploads, queues, and
> progress bars. Worst case scenario, user has no Java and you have to
> offer a standard upload form.

since it's java, you're getting into Michael's infinite paranoia soapbox... :)

also it requires FTP credentials, or an FTP account, which makes life
a living hell. firewalls, NATted setups, people finding out it's an
open FTP, etc.

If you are requiring an applet, I don't see why there is even a
discussion. Go with Gears, no extra server code or configuration

If you are anti-applet, you'll still need javascript, and depending on
the file sizes you're dealing with, you'll need to modify the server
configuration (which is out of a lot of people's control)

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