I'm sure this has been hashed over and over on the web, only I can't
find anything that makes sense or the explanations given have been
This is what I am trying:
<select name="($categoriesIN).'[]'" multiple>
    <OPTION>Choose Categories...</option>
        <OPTION VALUE="1">History
        <OPTION VALUE="2">Temples
        <OPTION VALUE="3">Pharaohs and Queens
        <OPTION VALUE="4">Cleopatra
        <OPTION VALUE="5">Mummies
for ($i = 0; $i < count($_POST['categoriesIN']); $i++)
echo  $categoriesIN[$i];

OR SHOULD IT BE: <select name="$categoriesIN[]" multiple size="5">

BUT NEITHER WORKS. I have tried print_r, while, and other off the wall
stuff I found on the Weird Warped Web! It's unreal how much crap there
is out there... :-(

I understood that the input from a select dropdown box was an array...
OK, so how do I retrieve the array and verify what was entered? I
suppose if I could verify, then I should be able to retrieve and INSERT etc.
As I delve deeper into this the more I know the "horseman knew her" ...  :-)
Please elucidate, enlighten me from my erring ways ...

Phil Jourdan --- p...@ptahhotep.com

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