PJ wrote:
I'm sure this has been hashed over and over on the web, only I can't
find anything that makes sense or the explanations given have been
This is what I am trying:
<select name="($categoriesIN).'[]'" multiple>
    <OPTION>Choose Categories...</option>
        <OPTION VALUE="1">History
        <OPTION VALUE="2">Temples
        <OPTION VALUE="3">Pharaohs and Queens
        <OPTION VALUE="4">Cleopatra
        <OPTION VALUE="5">Mummies

Whenever something doesn't work for me I always make sure what I am doing is valid html/xhtml

That doesn't look valid to me - multiple="multiple" might be.
Maybe it is valid under older html.

But anyway, multiple selects are a bad idea because they are confusing for users, there's no standard way with which to choose them and users often don't know how - if you can use checkboxes instead.

That being said, I think your problem is the $ and the []


<select name="categoriesIN" multiple="multiple">

Then when processing the form - $_POST['categoriesIN'] will be an array - IE

for ($i=0;$i<sizeof($_POST['categoriesIN']);$i++) {

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