Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> PJ wrote:
>> PJ wrote:
>>> I'm sure this has been hashed over and over on the web, only I can't
>>> find anything that makes sense or the explanations given have been
>>> erroneous.
>>> This is what I am trying:
>>> <select name="($categoriesIN).'[]'" multiple>
>>> <OPTION>Choose Categories...</option>
>>> <OPTION VALUE="1">History
>>> <OPTION VALUE="2">Temples
>>> <OPTION VALUE="3">Pharaohs and Queens
>>> <OPTION VALUE="4">Cleopatra
>>> <OPTION VALUE="5">Mummies
>>> </SELECT>
>>> for ($i = 0; $i < count($_POST['categoriesIN']); $i++)
>>> echo $categoriesIN[$i];
>>> OR SHOULD IT BE: <select name="$categoriesIN[]" multiple size="5">
>>> BUT NEITHER WORKS. I have tried print_r, while, and other off the wall
>>> stuff I found on the Weird Warped Web! It's unreal how much crap there
>>> is out there... :-(
>>> I understood that the input from a select dropdown box was an array...
>>> OK, so how do I retrieve the array and verify what was entered? I
>>> suppose if I could verify, then I should be able to retrieve and
>>> INSERT etc.
>>> As I delve deeper into this the more I know the "horseman knew her"
>>> ... :-)
>>> Please elucidate, enlighten me from my erring ways ...
>> Well, well, well... somehow I manged to get it right...:
>> <select name="categoriesIN[]" multiple size="5">
>> <option>Choose Categories...</option>
>> <option value="1">History
>> <option value="2">Temples
>> <option value="3">Pharaohs and Queens
>> <option value="4">Cleopatra
>> <option value="5">Mummies
>> </select>
>> if(!empty($_POST['categoriesIN'])){
>> foreach( $_POST['categoriesIN'] as $key => $value)
>> {
>> echo "key = $key and value = $value<br>";
>> }
>> }
>> Now, how do I send these values to an INSERT statement?
> Depends. What does your table(s) look like and to what fields do the
> values go?
> I can't divine your use here, but normally with something like multiple
> categories that are assigned to something you'll have a join table as
> has been discussed many times recently.
Indeed, there is a join table and that's where the values will go. The
categories table lists all the categories and the numbers in the
multiple select box are the id for the category.
But now that I have your attention, is there a way to select all the
fields of the catgories table ( and category) and place
them in the multiple select box? Probably is and probably is complicated
as hell... :-)

Phil Jourdan ---

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