Concluding,  and one idea...I think I received satisfying advices on everything 
but first question (Detection of typos and other simple mistakes). And we were 
talking also about being able to catch them at compile time, then if php at all 
has compile time etc. Today one thing crossed my mind -- if there is compiler 
for php maybe it can catch these errors natively, like java compiler for java? 
Unfortunatelly there is no recent version available for windows so I can't test 
it myself ( I am 
interesting if someone is using it, and if it can detect this simple mistakes 
(I am using eclipse + php plugin, but I feel there is something wrong in 
depending on editor to detect programming errors :-) )
Regards to all,
--- On Thu, 2/26/09, Ovidiu Rosoiu <> wrote:
From: Ovidiu Rosoiu <>
Subject: Re: [PHP] "use strict" or similar in PHP?
To: "Hans Schultz" <>
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009, 9:14 PM

Hans Schultz wrote:
> Hello,
> I am beginner with PHP and prior to PHP I have worked with java for some
> and with perl for very short period. I can't help to notice some
things that
> are little annoyance for me with PHP, but I am sure someone more
> can help me :-)
> Is there in PHP something like "use strict" from perl? I find it
> annoying to need to run script over and over again just to find out that I
> made typo in variable name.
> Is there some way for PHP to cache some data on the page? I like very much
> PHP's speed but it would be even better to be able to cache some
> used data from database?
> Also regarding databases, I liked a lot java's way of sending data to
> using parameters ("select * from user where username = ?" and
then passing
> parameter separately with database doing necessary escaping and
> Is there something like PHPDBC similar to JDBC?


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