Hans Schultz schreef:
> Hehe,
> I don't agree with either :-)
> But I am still searching for some solution, and when (and if) I find it
> I will be happy to share with you (btw, obviously nobody shared
> experiences about that compiler)

no, but did the comments I made about var vars and vars included via other
[optional files] register?

also you might consider something low key as a starting point, here's
a handy little oneliner for the [bash] shell:

find . -name \*.php \! -exec php -d error_reporting=4095 -d display_errors=1 -l 
{} \;

>         Hans is the OP, the one you thought "got it all wrong.", you're
>         actually
>         agree with me ... which is as natural as it is inevitable ;-)
>     LOL, right  :)

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