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> Chetan Rane wrote:
>> HI
>> I also was looking for various frameworks and came across a very nice
>> framework, which is feature rich as well as very fast
>> You can see more details at http://www.yiiframework.com/
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>> HallMarc Websites wrote:
>>> First time caller; long time listener..
>>> I have been looking at various PHP MVC frameworks; Limb3, Symphony,
>> Mojavi,
>>> Navigator, WACT, etc.
>>> I'm looking for any input anyone might have regarding which framework
>> seems
>>> to be the most promising?
>> I'm currently using Zend PHP Framework + Doctrine ORM.  Symfony has a
>> little better integration with Doctrine.  I chose the Zend PHP Framework
>> because of the rapid release schedule and large feature set.
>> You might want to check the archives as this discussion has come up before.
> Please keep on list by hitting reply-all.  Someone else already
> mentioned yii framework.

Yes, this discussion has been hashed and rehashed more times than most
of us care to think about. The only thing I have to add since the last
time this came up was that I have been using CodeIgniter lately on a
personal project of mine, and I find it quite pleasant. It's like
Cake, only slimmer--but not lacking in important core features. Pretty
quick little bugger, too, and very easy to learn.

// Todd

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