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>> @todd; Micah - Precisely why I presented the question anew. Not only do I 
>> not have enough time to troll through the archives; I was looking for a 
>> fresher set of responses based on today's smorgasbord. Thank you for your 
>> input; I have looked at both YII and CI and they look promising. I love the 
>> statement about PEAR! That gave me a chuckle. With PHP 5.3 around the corner 
>> and looking forward to both PHP/MySQL 6; I am ISO a framework that is just 
>> as forward looking. I have already worked with Sapphire/SilverStripe for a 
>> client of mine and I find it comes with a lot of overhead. It does seem to 
>> be a promising future contender.
> Perhaps I should have phrased it a bit more concise: This has been
> discussed many times--often, and RECENTLY. Anyway, since I'm already
> writing this, I'll say that overhead/bloat vs. productivity of the
> developer is a trade-off you're going to have to make for ANY of the
> frameworks out there.


all php frameworks have overheads which you don't have to worry about.
those overhead codes are there to make things easy for you so you can
focus on building your application.
for me, the most important factor in choosing the right php framework
is the size of its community.
the bigger the better because there will be more people to exchange ideas with.


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