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> @todd; Micah - Precisely why I presented the question anew. Not only do I not 
> have enough time to troll through the archives; I was looking for a fresher 
> set of responses based on today's smorgasbord. Thank you for your input; I 
> have looked at both YII and CI and they look promising. I love the statement 
> about PEAR! That gave me a chuckle. With PHP 5.3 around the corner and 
> looking forward to both PHP/MySQL 6; I am ISO a framework that is just as 
> forward looking. I have already worked with Sapphire/SilverStripe for a 
> client of mine and I find it comes with a lot of overhead. It does seem to be 
> a promising future contender.

Perhaps I should have phrased it a bit more concise: This has been
discussed many times--often, and RECENTLY. Anyway, since I'm already
writing this, I'll say that overhead/bloat vs. productivity of the
developer is a trade-off you're going to have to make for ANY of the
frameworks out there.

// Todd

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