From: Sashikanth Gurram
> Hi,
> Thanks a lot for all the patient replies. All the suggestions led me
> a positive direction. Finally, instead of using the header() in my
> PHP file (with HTML tags), I have used it in a secondary file and
> it using  a tag<img src="imgtest.php">. It is working fine. But, the 
> image I need to display is also dynamic and needs a user input. So, is

> there any way in which I can transfer a particular variable (the user 
> input) from my main php file (say A.php) to my secondary file
> the header () (say B.php)

Well, you are really trying to use one page to do two different tasks.
First to display the input form, then to show an image selected by that
input. So, either you need two code paths, or two pages. You can start
off by checking the input fields and if they are empty, simply display
the form. Then the next time through, when the fields are populated,
insert the selected image.

Bob McConnell

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