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>>> Is there any way in which I can assign a variable to a query string?
>>> Like for example, Let us say that there are two php files a.php and
>>> b.php. I am currently using a image tag like <img
>>> src="imgtest.php?id=Williams Hall" /> in a.php and am passing the value
>>> to another variable using $build=$_GET['id']; in b.php. Now for this
>>> purpose, I am using the img tag in the html part of my first file which
>>> makes it kind of static. Now if I want to assign a variable (say
>>> $building) to 'id' in my first file, and retrieve it using the  variable
>>> $build in the second file what is the best way to do it?
>>> Will the command (written  inside the PHP tags) echo ' <img
>>> src="imgtest.php?id=$building />'; be of any help in performing the
>>> task. I have actually tried this out, but it did not work for me (May be
>>> my syntax is wrong although I have tried various combinations). So, is
>>> there a better way or correct way of doing this (If what I have done is
>>> wrong). I have tried to use $_session() command, but it is kind of
>>> yielding me a header error.

I'm not sure if this has been addressed in any of the other replies,
but I felt it was worth mentioning: Be careful and pay attention to
whether you are using single quotes ( ' ) or double quotes ( " ) in
your echo statements!

$var = 'asdf';
echo 'hey, $var'; // "hey, $var"
echo "hey, $var"; // "hey, asdf"

...and if you're using single or double quotes elsewhere (i.e.,
assignment operations)...

$var = 'asdf';
$othervar = 'blah$var'; // "blah$var"
$anothervar = "blah$var"; // "blahasdf"
$yetanothervar = "blah{$var}blah"; // "blahasdfblah"

Double quotes, when not using "echo", can still parse variables for you.

// Todd

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