Thanks again for all the help.

I created a simple page of all includes (header, menu, 3 columns).  I mixed 
the file types up. The menu (projectseven PMM) I saved as a library item, 
works fine.  Had an HTML file in there, but I am guessing that having 2 page 
declarations along with an extra set of <head> and <body> tags was playing 
havoc with the code, so I removed them. Same thing when I created a php page 
and saved it as, so I removed all the declarations and 
tags, again seems to work fine. Also included a simple .txt file.

I did get some strange results in that all of the <tags> were highlighted 
after the menu, and I had to remove and insert again to correct.

So is this the best way, to create a php page, remove all of the html tags 
and page declarations and name it (I'm using DW CS3)

Also, something I do not understand, I included a small txt file in a page 
of a customer and it shows fine, however this file is not on the 
this normal? 

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