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>Thanks again for all the help.
>I created a simple page of all includes (header, menu, 3 columns).  I mixed 
>the file types up. The menu (projectseven PMM) I saved as a library item, 
>works fine.  Had an HTML file in there, but I am guessing that having 2 page 
>declarations along with an extra set of <head> and <body> tags was playing 
>havoc with the code, so I removed them. Same thing when I created a php page 
>and saved it as filename.inc.php, so I removed all the declarations and 
>tags, again seems to work fine. Also included a simple .txt file.
>I did get some strange results in that all of the <tags> were highlighted 
>after the menu, and I had to remove and insert again to correct.
>So is this the best way, to create a php page, remove all of the html tags 
>and page declarations and name it filename.inc.php? (I'm using DW CS3)

The main file should set up the page (<head>, <body>, etc).  The include file 
can have any
mixture of HTML and PHP, including defining tables, etc. If it contains any PHP 
it should
be named as xxxxx.php. It is also good practice to put <?php at the start, and 
?> at the
end, though it doesn't appear to make any difference.

>Also, something I do not understand, I included a small txt file in a page 
>of a customer and it shows fine, however this file is not on the server...is 
>this normal? 

Sorry; I don't understand this.

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