You can configure different index file names for Apache to check for.
e.g index.html, index.htm, index.php, default.htm

I had one webserver where it would only accept default.htm as the file, and didn't allow .htaccess files.

Michael Kubler
*G*rey *P*hoenix *P*roductions <>

Clancy wrote:
It is my understanding that when you open a page the PHP server looks for 
index.php in the
site root directory, and loads it. As a result the working directory of the 
page will be
the root directory of the site.  I have always worked on this assumption, and 
it has
always been correct.  On the other hand Stewart thinks that I cannot rely this, 
and am
likely to get into trouble as a result.

Are there any systems in which my assumption will not be correct?

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