Clancy wrote:
> It is my understanding that when you open a page the PHP server looks for 
> index.php in the
> site root directory, and loads it. As a result the working directory of the 
> page will be
> the root directory of the site.  I have always worked on this assumption, and 
> it has
> always been correct.  On the other hand Stewart thinks that I cannot rely 
> this, and am
> likely to get into trouble as a result.
> Are there any systems in which my assumption will not be correct?

In many frameworks this assumption is not correct.  I am using the
default CakePHP layout as an example.

Depending on your terminology, your DocumentRoot is /var/www/ and in
this case is also the filesystem path of your site's root dir, however
the sites root dir in a URL is /.

Consider the CakePHP structure:


If you browse to (in most cases), one of 2 things

1. The webserver opens the /var/www/.htaccess and according to the
rewrite rules there it rewrites to /var/www/webroot/.  So any getcwd()
would be /var/www/webroot/

2. If not using modrewrite, the web server looks for index.html and then
index.php in /var/www/ which has a require for webroot/index.php.  So
any getcwd() would be /var/www/.

Consequently, CakePHP and the other frameworks that I've seen use
basename() and dirname() in conjunction with __FILE__ to define the
paths/relative dirs within the app.


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