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> Something Stewart said the other day made me realise that there was a
> fundamental error in
> the way I was thinking about this question. I had been thinking that
> opendir (.) opened
> the root directory, and that paths such as Joe/Nurg.com were relative to
> the root
> directory, but I now realise that they are relative to the current
> directory, whatever
> that might be. (Yes; I should have known better, but there is an awful
> swamp of burnt out
> brain cells at the bottom of my brain.)

a dot (.) denotes a current directory and double dot (..)  denotes parent
directory of the current in DOS/Windows/*nix  File System.

> So the question I should have asked was "When a web page is loaded, can I
> rely on the CWD
> being the directory containing index.php (or whichever file is actually
> loaded)?"
> Thank you all for your assistance.

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